IVC holds successful blood drive

The UCI Bloodmobile will accept blood donations in the cafeteria quad on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The UCI Bloodmobile will accept blood donations in the cafeteria quad on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Phil Vogel


The UC Irvine Medical Center held a blood drive on the Irvine Valley College campus September 17-18. A “bloodmobile” (Minibus outfitted with blood drawing, and blood storing instruments) was driven and parked in the quad, and students and faculty members were given the opportunity to donate.  The medical staff was impressed by the turnout, and grateful for the support of the students on campus.

“The turnout has been great for the beginning of a semester,” said Ann Marie Clubb, a blood donor recruiter for UC Irvine, and a coordinator of the event. “This is a real community service project, and It’s important to the local community.”

“Very successful, one of our very successful drives,” said Karla Robles, a nurse drawing blood at the event, “The UCI always has shortages, and the blood banks indicate to us there is a real need for blood, especially for rare blood types” emphasized Robles.

IVC students lined up to donate throughout the 2 days, patiently waiting on benches and chairs in front of the “bloodmobile”. ” I have given blood before, it is important to help, even though I have never personally been a recipient of a blood transfusion. ” Said IVC student Hussein Gomez, 32, Biology. Other students had other motives for donation.

” My teacher is giving us extra credit for this!” said Ann Phelps,25, undecided, with a laugh. “No but really I’m doing this because I have a rare bloodtype. This is my 2nd time participating in the blood drive.” despite her enthusiasm Phelps acknowledged that she was also nervous before having her blood taken ” I once had my blood taken in a hospital, by an inexperienced phlebotomist, and it was not a good experience. ”

Mahrud “Rod” Sayrafi, 19, Math was preparing to give blood for the first time , “This is my first time donating, I tried to give blood over the summer, but they said I was too skinny.” “I’m happy I can give this time, because people need it. I’m kind of nervous about fainting though, my dad and I faint when we see blood.” Added Sayrafi.

Aaron Weiner, 23, undecided was motivated to donate for more personalized reasons. “My dad’s life was saved by a bone marrow donor. He had a rare type of cancer and no one in our family was a compatible match. Luckily he was a random match with a man in Chicago, who shared our Ukrainian Jewish ancestry. It saved his life, and in the 5 or 6 years since then I try to donate whenever I can.” Weiner said.

Jesse Perez, 20, physics had a slightly less sentimental reason for giving blood, “I got Free T-shirt man!” said Perez. The UC Irvine trauma center is the only Level I trauma center in South Orange County. The UC blood donor center can be contacted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UC-Irvine-Campus-Blood-Donor-Center/274725875914168, or on their website: www.ucirvinehealth.org/medical-services/blooddonations/