Israel and Palestine: What we know so far 

Protests between Israel and Palestine supporters meet in Winnipeg, Canada. Chris Hearn/Courtesy

From military airstrikes and buildings turned to rubble, here are the basics on the recent events between Israel and Palestine 

The recent events in Jerusalem between Israel and Palestine this month have sparked an uproar from everyone worldwide. Regardless of people’s opinion on the matter, the images and videos being shared globally have kindled protests and news coverage. However, what is exactly happening between Israel and Palestine right now? 

Israel and Palestine have had a history going back 100 years, but the most recent destruction of the Gaza strip has become a topic of conversation. In Gaza city, the Israeli military released a higher number of tanks and troops at the border. Their military claimed that their most intense launch was on Friday, May 7, increasing the Palestinian death toll to 122 and the Israeli death toll to eight. 

The events shown in news outlets like FOX11 and CNN revealed clips and images of multiple explosions throughout the strip. The purpose of the 160 aircraft airstrike on Friday was to get rid of multiple tunnels placed underneath residential neighborhoods, which Hamas used. Hamas is the largest Palestinian militant group with control in Gaza. 

Soon after the air missile strike, Hamas launched rocket barrages to Tel Aviv and other southern cities in Israel. This resulted in many back-and-forth air missiles being launched above civilian heads.

As for igniting the uproar of media attention, Omar Altawil, a first-generation Palestinian American, explained that the “truth” has finally come out on what is going on in Jerusalem. 

“Growing up, I’ve only ever known Palestine as being a victim of violence under the occupation of another country,” Altawil said. “At first, I didn’t understand why all the attention came out because I knew about it for so long. Now I’ve realized we’re in a day in age where social media is the perfect place to get the world’s attention, and I’m all for it.”

Altawil mentions how the Israeli strikes were not too ordinary for people in the Palestinian community. He explained how the destruction of Palestine was something he had gotten accustomed to. However, he had never seen it escalated to “a level like this one.”

While the new “level” of events occurs in Jerusalem, citizens seek shelter and safety as the continued missile strikes are expected to continue. Again, citizens in Gaza have been faced with a high amount of loss of their loved ones, men, women and children included.