Enrollment at Irvine Valley College is steady

Irvine Valley College’s growth for the  fall 2014  semester has been far lower than its projected growth, due to repeatability limits, prerequisites, and academic probation, according to IVC’s Vice President for Instruction Craig Justice.

“Of the 500 students who declined to enroll in Irvine Valley College this year, approximately 150 were in credit courses, which include students for transfer, basic skills, and Career Technical Education,” Justice said.  “Close to 350 were in Emeritus lifelong/adult learning classes directed toward the older generation.”

Justice said about 500 students could not register until they saw a counselor.

“The projected growth this fall, which had included rooms, budget, etc, estimated to be about four percent in weekly student contact hours or WSCH. The actual growth this fall turned out to be 1.5 percent in WSCH,” Justice said. “WSCH grew a bit even though headcount dipped because students on average are taking more units.”

Irvine Valley College is growing primarily due to Irvine and Tustin High Schools’ growth, as well as IVC’s  reputation as having the No. 1 transfer rate in the state.

This is mostly due to the Honors Program, faculty, and its proximity to UCI. Irvine Valley College is also growing because of the amount of their international students as well as the student outreach efforts such as “IVC Connect,” which helps students in a variety of ways.

“Every college in California has a very unique and diverse population,” Justice said. “Being able to reach out to that population and the people who are interested in going back to college requires continuous outreach.”

Justice said this is called ‘enrollment management’ and includes knowing what the needs are for market segments such as adult learners, veterans, recent high school graduates, etc.