Incoming California storm threatens Saddleback College

Saddleback College bridge during heavy rainstorm with water flowing down the street. Justine Baginski/Lariat

California is currently experiencing a furious storm with potential hazards for Saddleback College. 

“With every rain storm there comes rain leaks of one kind or another,” said Paul Bonkowksi, lead building maintenance worker. “Some are minor and do not affect classrooms and class schedules – others do have that potential.”

Multiple weather services issued a wind advisory in place Sunday, Feb. 4, predicting gusts anywhere from 15-25 mph. After two days the wind advisory ended today though a flood warning persisted until 4. p.m. The storm brought a minimum of one to two inches of rain in Orange County.

“Mud slide on Library road was being cleared by our grounds department as of 6:30 [a.m.],” said Tom Grove, senior operations planning specialist. “Newly [reported] roof leak in LRC was being addressed by 6:15 this morning. As of  7:00 Monday [Feb. 5] nothing major has come up, but it will be a long week.”

Warning signs were displayed along many California freeways to avoid travel from Sunday to Tuesday unless necessary. The Weather Channel offers a 10-day forecast for the storm. 

“Saddleback campus will operate normally today with no change in class schedules or locations planned at this time,” said Elliot Stern, president of Saddleback College. “We will continue to monitor conditions, as much of the rain is expected today and tonight and new messaging will go out if our plan changes.”

As of now, Saddleback hasn’t had many adverse effects due to the rainstorm. Caltrans still advised to avoid unnecessary travel and to keep an eye out for any flooding.