Honors geography class hosts poster displays about water issues

Gabriela Block presents the Agriculture and Water Usage in California poster made for The Geography of Water Issues Poster Session (Jordan Carillo).

Water is so common that most people don’t give it a second thought. Luckily, there are some who pay a great deal of attention to this vital subject matter. On December 3, the Honors physical geography class hosted The Geography of Water Issues poster session to enlighten students.

This poster session is platform where students can bring to light controversial and critical issues that people may not be aware of. Many students were eager to share their findings involving the ways in which water is distributed, recycled and used. 

“I researched water usage from the Colorado River…how we use water and how we should conserve water,” said Shahla Nasrolahzaden, a participant. 

Through her research, she asserted that residents should take the time to learn about water practices and how to better conserve water for future generations.

The most popular issues at the session were those that hit close to home. 

“California is experiencing the worst drought of its history” said Sam Nagel.

Because of California’s semi-arid environment, it recipes little precipitation. Nagel believes that by using recycled, or “potable” water as an efficient and sustainable resource would help conserve water. 

“I chose this topic because California is my home and it’s important to me,” Nagel said. 

Other students broadened their range, choosing issues that were taking place across the world. In his presentation, student Cody Dean shed some light on the rivalry between Turkey and Syria over water from the Euphrates River.  

“They’ve basically declared war over water,” Dean said.

Water is even scarcer in the Middle East than in California, leading to over a hundred years of conflict and strife. There seems to be no sign of resolution from either side.

Dean chose the topic because the idea of a “water war” fascinated him.

It was clear that many students put a lot of thought and effort into their presentations. Over all, the poster session was an informative event. It brought forward important information about something most people take for granted. 
Thanks to the Honors Geography Class, it was not possible for anyone to leave without learning something new about earth’s most vital resource, water