Geologist to IVC President

IVC President Glenn Roquemore says IVC “has been improving the quality of life for residents of South Orange County since 1985. (Coutesy of IVC)

     President Glenn Roquemore of Irvine Valley College (IVC) attended the University of Nevada-Reno and received his Ph.D. in geology and geophysics in 1980. He also earned a Master and Bachelor of Science Degree in geology from California State University at Fresno (UCSF).

He was Branch Head of the Naval Weapons Center for 13 years. He conducted nationally funded research for seismology, geothermal energy, active volcanism and other fields.

After that, he served various administration roles in different institutions. Roquemore served as Interim President, Vice President of Instruction, Interim Vice President of Instruction and many more roles.

At IVC, he became a professor of geology for 8 years, and then the president of the college in 2002.

Roquemore is proud to say that IVC is the best community college in Orange County regarding transfer rates to universities and is the third best community college in California.

Recently the “Geological Map of the Little Lake Quadrangle” was named after him on his behalf called the Dr. Glenn R. Roquemore Honorary Map.  He received this honor because of his work “in educating young geologists, for his work on [the] quadrangle, the geology of California, and for his contributions to the understanding of California geology.”

Another interesting fact about him is that he has a U.S. patent on exploratory trench wall stabilization using a co-polymer emulsion.

From Geology to Education, Roquemore has a diverse background.