“Freestyle by Janine POP-UP SHOP” spreads the word of a new movement

Join the movement and be apart of the fierce battle.

Justice and Josiah Slystra, members of “7 Rays” band.

“Freestyle by Janine POP-UP SHOP” presented a fashion show, vintage goods for sale, and a local band called “The 7 Rays” from San Clemente. The event was held on Dec. 6 at a local surf shop called “Brawner Boards” in San Clemente.

There was pizza, drinks and a crowd of supporters at the “Freestyle” but the night was about something more than about selling clothes. It was a night to get community members together, and to inspire a new movement.

A new movement of “love warriors” that put their love and hard work into everything they do including the clothes they design.

On one of the only raining nights in San Clemente, the word was spread about dreams and aspirations for our current generation and those to come, and something started with the force of thunder.

“This is an extremely special night, this night is about spreading love through supporting family and friends, and to show that we are all love warriors ready to start a movement,” said the person behind the night, Janine Sylstra. “It’s a movement, it’s not just clothes, it’s a movement. What we’ve displayed were all made from love, and are for love.”

All of the clothes that were being shown on people were from Janines closet, and she hand designed everything by adding patches or subtracting from the original piece. People came with jackets decked out with patches or earrings made from jeans, but the lovely main theme of the night took on something more fierce.

The “love warriors” rocked apparel that set apart their affiliation apart from everyone else. The group rocked Navy style hats, camouflage jeans and patches with Air Force “phantoms”.

“Everything is done by hand with sewing or other altercations, so when she says everything is made from love for love it’s literally is her on her hands and knees sewing for hours. So the coolest part of the night was to just like witness her doing that at home, and then see it come to life through everyone wearing it and then to see peoples reactions. I think that is the coolest part, just to see it come to life,” said the daughter Janine and “love warrior”, Justice Sylstra.

Apart from the clothes, getting people together to support a new movement through love and design was the overall theme of the night.

“The most special part of the night was the fact that everyone came together,” said a member of the band, Jaz Harris. “I was really surprised to see all the people that wanted to come and support, but I think the most special part of the night was the fact that everyone came together and the room was filled with so much love and support.”

The biggest take away from the night? To get people to put hard work, love and respect into what they do, and that was exactly what happened.