Getting back in the Gaucho Groove


After playing for the 2015 state championship just a few days prior, Saddleback’s Johnny Stanton, Anthony Hickey and Jake Nelson signed to play Division I football next year. Angel Grady via Lariat

With the current pandemic the status of most sports is up in the air. But this upcoming semester there is some news about when sports will come back.

The 3C2A, the California Community College Athletic Association, announced that it will be pushing all fall sports to Jan. 18, 2021 due to COVID-19. Following the three scenario plan for sports and the COVID-19 numbers being low we will be seeing sports next semester. The three scenario plan in which is based on the nature of COVID-19 is conventional, contact/non-contact, and contingency.

The conventional plan would reduce the season to 75% of the games that are in that sports season. The contact/non-contact and contingency plan would both be reduced to 70%. In this plan regional champions will all be done in one week for the teams that have qualified.

“If COVID-19 is aligned appropriately for football to play, we will start training January 18 and start games in February,” said Mark McElroy, head football coach of Saddleback College for 21 years. 

Since fall sports have been pushed back this semester, all training for the upcoming season has been done remotely and, just like every other class at saddleback, they have not been in session.

As of right now Saddleback is not in the position yet to make any decisions on the protocol for if someone has tested positive for COVID-19 during the season. The board makes the decision on what to do for this so there isn’t anything known at the moment, “but it will be clear and known once the season is close,” McElroy said.