First Floor Overview

Ashley Reyes

The first floor of the LRC is home to the journalism department and the honors program. The first floor along with the rest of the LRC building has been completely renovated, faculty and students have taken notice.  

Amara Aguilar is the faculty advisor for the Lariat student newspaper, Orange Appeal and professor of journalism and multimedia at Saddleback. This is Aguilar’s second semester at Saddleback college she previously taught at Pierce College and Cal State Long Beach. 

“Our faculty is amazing, we have a large lab that really facilitates teamwork and really is at the cutting edge when it comes to educational facilities,” Aguilar said. 

Mike Reed former head of Saddleback College’s journalism department is also located on the third floor. Reed explains how much the department has evolved over his time at Saddleback he has now been a full time professor for 25 years. 

The newspaper department has greatly evolved since he began at Saddleback with the growth of the news writing class and mass media and society class. 

The Lariat is located on the first floor in a room that was designed with the help of Reed. He specifically wanted to make sure there was a separate conference room for the editors, offices for the faculty members and a location that was easily accessible by students. 

“The students use this space to produce everything related to our publications including the Lariat, print and web edition, the tablet editions that we are looking to launch soon but also the Orange Appeal magazine, we have a workshop in here for students, it’s really an amazing space,” said Aguilar.

The most rewarding experience for 41 years of teaching for Reed is the success of his students. He has seen his journalism students reach new heights in his classroom and in their careers.