Fall Orientation issue in newstands July 29

(Oliver Yu)


This special edition of the college student newspaper, the Lariat, is a product of the summer journalism class (JRN 120). The class offered two main goals: To inform and educate.

A key objective of the class was to assist new and returning students in learning about the excellent educational programs and activities available to them at Saddleback College.

Secondly, the course served as a vehicle for students wishing to explore the field of journalism.  They had the opportunity to interview sources, write and edit stories, learn about page layout and computer design, take photos and write headlines and cutlines.  

They also got a lesson in print media law and ethics.

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We also want students, instructors, staff and the admininstration to take advantage of the interactive capabilities of this online source to comment on stories and suggest stories for both our print and online editions. Simply become a registered user to post your thoughts about the Lariat, as well as campus life. Thank you ahead of time for making the effort to read and comment on the student work that will be on display throughout the collegiate year.

The Lariat staff hopes its readership enjoys a successful and productive 2009-2010. 

Editor-in-chief Tim White (bottom), managing editor Keith Cousins and reporter Norelle Lohmann encourage students to sign up for journalism classes and catch “byline fever.” (Staff)

Reporter Amelia Rushbrook comtemplates the layout for the fall orientation issue. (Staff)