Expect more at Target by 2021

Target in the Tustin, Market Place. Sangeetha Koomar/Lariat

Makeup company Ulta signed a deal with Target to establish kiosks inside every Target store and online as well. On Nov. 18, Target’s CEO Brian Cornell responded to the deal, saying that Target has the advantage as now the store can be known as a one-stop solution store. 

“We’re seeing a guest who’s shopping all of our categories, taking advantage of our one-stop solution,” Cornell said in an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box Wednesday. “Beauty is another great category that combines style and frequency in our business. It’s just another way for us to elevate the experience and bring an iconic new partner into our Target stores and Target.com.” 

Continuing with the one-stop store goal, Cornell signed the deal with Ulta to place kiosks in more than 100 Target stores. Each kiosk is reported to be 1,000 square feet with over 40 brands included and each brand will be found on Target’s website as well for online shopping purposes. In respect to the COVID-19 situation, no testing of products will be allowed at the physical stores, but virtual testing is underway of being incorporated instead. 

Merging Ulta into the company, according to Cornell and Ulta CEO, Mary Dillon, will entice customers to rely on and come to Target even more, both in-person and online. Though the length of the deal is not confirmed at the moment, both company owners are confident that this partnership will result in stronger sales and grab more attention from customers.