Exclusive insight on Orange County’s haunt experience, the 17th Door


Explore the 17th Door Haunt Experience this October. Sugar Skull Productions | guest

Why the 17th Door is the spookiest event in OC

The 17th Door, located in the city of Fullerton on Orangethorpe Avenue, is a creepy Halloween extravaganza for those who love to scream, laugh and be absolutely amazed at haunted houses. This haunt experience is open Thursday through Sunday from Sept. 17 to Oct. 31, and it welcomes any and all thrill-seekers who live in the tri state area.

We have special insight from one of the production’s team members to describe a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes at the 17th Door and why all adults in Orange County, who love Halloween time, should come participate in the experience before it is over.

Staff member for the 2021 17th Door Haunt, Skye Fielder describes the experience as “Orange County’s gnarliest haunt experience. It’s basically 17 rooms that you go through that are all prison-themed and it’s all based on a storyline about this girl named Paula, who got thrown in jail.”

“It contains a lot of explicit content and it’s on a huge technical timer, so each room is 1 to 2 minutes long. It’s not like a normal maze that you walk through where actors are just popping out at you. It is very immersive with the actors as they’re allowed to touch you, tase you, cut your hair, put cockroaches on you after you sign the waiver,” Fielder explains.

Many critics on Yelp rave about how dedicated the actors and staff are at the haunted house. After signing the mandatory waiver, consenting to a variety of risky activities required to participate in this hands-on experience, you are met with several bone-chilling characters played by their amazing actors to enhance your time at the event.

Fielder claims that the most interesting character throughout the maze is met inside the “fright elevator and the character in the fright elevator is a gimp in a sex swing with a morphsuit on and an 18-inch ponytail hanging out of his mask.”

“The 17th Door is not kid-friendly, however, a lot of elderly people and younger kids go through. But, a lot of the content there is super explicit,” Fielder states.

Anyone and everyone who is attracted to being thrilled by an intense haunted house or maze to get them in the Halloween spirit is guaranteed to have a spooky time. In the 17th Door’s strobe lights, fog, lasers, deadly noises and moving floors.

“My favorite part about the 17th Door is the community there,” Fielder explains. “All the workers do an amazing job putting it together and the technical aspect is truly mind-blowing.”

The 17th Door Haunt Experience is not the only event the 17th Door offers. There is the Field Trip experience and Virtual Reality experience as well.

“I think everyone should come check out the 17th Door this haunt season because it’s different every single year and they added a new experience called the ‘Field Trip,’ which is a completely separate and fun experience,” says Fielder. “In addition to that, overall, again, the technical aspect is so mind-blowing and it’s a very immersive and entertaining experience.”

The 17th Door Haunt Experience is said to be an amazing way to spend an evening in Orange County during the Halloween season and is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Just know, if you ever get too scared, just yell, “Mercy!”