Electronics stolen from Village, Fine Arts end of Jan.

Equipment was stolen from a computer lab and sound room in Village 5, Saddleback Police reported Jan. 24. (Zachary Kearns)

A thief or thieves stole equipment from three buildings, campus police announced in a timely warning dated Jan. 24. The Saddleback College police department is investigating the alleged theft in the Science, Fine Arts and Village 5 areas. The campus police suggested that all staff lock their classrooms and workplaces when required.

On Monday Jan. 28, police discovered the theft of a 9(x2) Lacie Rugged USB3 in Village 5 HP Elite, in the art building, an LCD projector along with an HP Elite Display and a Yamaha Digital Mixer, Police Technical Services Specialist Andrew Craven confirmed in an email. Lastly, a document scanner in the Science building was also stolen.

Police have not identified any suspects but are still investigating. Here is the full statement from the timely warning:


Campus Police has recently received information that there have been three reported burglaries/thefts in campus classrooms where there was a loss of electronic equipment. The reported burglaries/thefts occurred in the Science, Fine Arts, and Village 5 buildings on campus. The investigation into these incidents is still ongoing. If you have any information in regards to these thefts contact Campus Police at 949- 582-4585.

Faculty/Staff Safety Tips

When leaving your classroom/workspace make sure you lock your classroom/workspace and windows if you are required to. If you are in a classroom that has unsecured electronic devices, contact Technology Services X4600 for an assessment.