Disney+ release day turns for the worst

With the release of Disney+ last night at midnight, the streaming service has already seen many flaws in the system. For those who have been living under a rock the past few months, Disney+ is a digital on-demand streaming service where subscribers can not only view their favorite classic Disney films but also the other Disney owned companies such as National Geographic.

As soon as the eager Disney fans saw the website was open, everyone rushed to the scene to see what the latest and greatest streaming service had to offer. Thus, causing the system to overload and crash. Many users began to see errors such as “Unable to connect to Disney+,” or even “There seems to be a problem connecting to Disney+,” with a cartoon image of Wreck-It Ralph.

This caused the upset viewers to take their problems to the only place they know people will listen, Twitter.

According to Downdetector, a website that provides information on website problems originally reported 7,300 reports of problems on Disney+ by 7 a.m. But then reached 8,200 reports by 9 a.m. 72% of the problems were with streaming videos and the other 28% was with login difficulties.

After seeing all of the problems with Disney+, I had to go and take a deeper look for myself. Upon signing up for the streaming service there was no problem at all putting in my payment information or even withdrawing the $7 a month from my account. But as soon as I went to login is when the problems started occurring.

I too had a problem with logging into my account. It took me three attempts to finally get to the home page. At first glance, you see many of the wonderful films of Disney. All of the vault classics, the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, and then the Marvel and Star Wars sections. The items I was most interested in were the Disney+ Originals. This includes the live-action film of Lady and the Tramp and television shows featuring Jeff Goldbloom.

The first original I attempted to watch was Pixar in real life. As soon as I clicked the play button I automatically got an error message. “There seems to be a problem connecting to Disney+.” So I waited a few minutes and tried again and received the same error message. It took a total of 20 minutes to finally watch the show.

Since my phone screen was so small, I attempted to play the show on my Apple TV. This opens another window of troubles. It took a total of four error messages and another 15 minutes to get it playing on the television.

I finally have my Pixar in real life all set up on my tv and after over 35 minutes I was ready to be amazed.  But to my knowledge, the first episode of the show was only 6 minutes.

I do understand that Disney+ is a new streaming service and will need to be more fine-tuned as the service continues but for a start the streaming service could have done a better job. Maybe all of the money that went into advertising should have been a little less and give the rest to the IT department as I assume they will be needing a raise after the next few months.


After the first week of Disney+ being released, many of the problems have been resolved. And many people are loving it more than they would have ever imagined.

“I pre-ordered Disney+ and was so disappointed by the way it launched.” Said Brittany Ramelow, a student at Saddleback College, “But as soon as the first few days were over and all the wrinkles were out it became better than Netflix. And then when I saw how many Christmas movies were added for the holidays. I got even more excited.”

Disney+ has been releasing new content for almost all of their original shows on a weekly basis and are projected to have some the hottest T.V shows out for a streaming service.

Just like the opening of Disneyland in 1955, the complete mess of a start ended up being a successful platform to stream shows and movies. So luckily, Disney+ was able to recuperate from their complete crash of a start to a very successful streaming service that appears to be only going cup from here.