Disney goes vegan

Photo by Flickr

Disney recently announced that they will add more vegan options to its amusement parks. Last month they added 400 new vegan options around the park starting with Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Disney launched an online experience that helps users navigate through the parks to find vegan options. This experience has a list of the restaurants in the park, if it has a leaf symbol next to the name of the restaurant then it has vegan food available to eat there.

New options span all over the park and are serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with vegan options. These options include blueberry muffins, waffles, burgers, Portobello Pot Roast, Eggless Florentine, Smoked Stuffed Peppers, mushroom-based Lobster-style Salad, some inventive dishes, and many more.

The parks even added dessert options to their menus as well. Strawberry Shortcake, Crème Brulee, and a mousse made with Jack Daniels and Baileys Almande.

Disney announced that they will start to serve vegan dishes at Disney Land in California by this coming spring!

Very bold move by Disney to start serving vegan food at the amusement parks. With this in effect, they hope to attract vegan eaters to its parks.