Democrats attempt to flip Republican seats

Katie Porter

Katie Porter

Many Republicans in congress are facing much more criticism from their constituents since President Trump has taken office. Rep. Mimi Walters from the 45th district in California, has been facing backlash for not holding a town hall since being elected. Now Democrats are challenging Rep. Walter’s seat in the House. Many individuals have come forward saying they would run against Rep. Walters in 2018.

People on Twitter are showing their support to vote Walters out of office. Katie Porter, UC Irvine law professor is challenging Rep. Walters seat. Porter has been active at many rallies held outside of Walters office. Porter has even become a spokesperson for the Indivisible groups in OC.

“I’m really running to do what I’ve always done which is to stand up to special interests,” said Porter in a Times interview. 

“I’m really running to do what I’ve always done which is to stand up to special interests,” said Porter in a Times interview. This is what Porter has been doing for several years. Porter is now being endorsed by her former Harvard professor, Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

And Porter was even one of the early whistleblowers about mortgage fraud by Wall Street before the financial collapse in 2008. Although many think the house still might fall in Republican hands next year, there is an increasingly higher chance that most of the seats are up for grabs.

And in an attempt to flip the House,

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is sending their senior staffers to California to challenge Republican seats. Almost 7 Republican seats in Southern California will open to flip to the Democrats. Now that Orange County has swung blue, the DCCC will be putting a staffer in a space in Irvine right near the Republican community.  The DCCC will be helping the Democrat’s campaign and endorsing them for next years election.

David Min, UC Irvine law professor announced his run against Rep. Walters last Tuesday. Min, a Harvard graduate, will run aside colleague, Katie Porter. Son of Korean immigrants, Min believes he has a lot in common with the people in the 45th district.

Dave Min

Dave Min

“You think about what brought my parents here — it was the core American values of tolerance, diversity, economic opportunity and social mobility. What Trump was doing with the Muslim ban was un-American. Who’s next on Donald Trump’s list?,” Min told the Register.

Within the week that both UC Irvine professors announced their candidacy, another Democrat came forward. Kia Hamadanchy , a former legislative assistant U.S Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has announced he will run against Rep. Walters.

This is the third Democrat within a week that has announced their run for the congressional 45th district.  Hamadanchy comes from Iranian born parents and felt attacked when Trump announced his travel ban. Hamadanchy parents fled the Iranian revolution and grew up in Orange County. 

Kia Hamadanchy

Kia Hamadanchy

“The hope is that one of us (in each race) will be able to distinguish themselves in stature and fundraising. The first hurdle is who’s going to raise the most money — that’s a measure of who knows how to run for office,” said Hamadanchy in Register.  

If successful, he will become the first American of Iranian descent to be elected to U.S. Congress.

While many Democrats are targeting Orange County for leaning towards Hilary Clinton in  November, Walters still won by a strong 58% vote. Many think Democrats will have to try really hard to flip Republican’s seats next year.