Cyber Monday Xbox review

Xbox Series S with controller on display. Kyle Hankins/Lariat 

The Xbox Series X and Series S was released on Nov. 10. The Series X was listed for $499 and the Series S was listed for $299. The next generation consoles were well awaited for after four years of no new Xbox consoles. 

The console release had so many people anxious that they wouldn’t get one, so some decided to camp out for days to secure their spots in line. On other sites like eBay and stock X, the systems were going up for more than $1000, doubling the series X’s price listed at $500.

The Series S is a wonderful console for people that want a system at an affordable price at $300. It’s a great system for the people that only buy online games. Even though there is no disc drive, gamers are given a faster load in time for the games that people play for the next generation title.

The Series S is also designed specially for game pass. With backward capability, which allows everyone to play games from an older system and the low price of $9.99 monthly or $14.99 a month, gamers are given access to over 100 high-quality games on your console with new games being added all the time. With the ultimate, gamers are also given Xbox Live Gold, exclusive members discounts and even free perks for in game content and partner offers.

For those who are casual gamers and just like to play on the TV, then the Series S is perfect for you. Gamers are still given the same next-generation titles that the Series X is given.

On the other hand, the Series X is the complete mother box that gives gamers one terabyte of storage for the games everyone wants to play. It offers better graphics performance than the Series S to play on 4k rather than 1080p. Players are also able to play physical games, which is a plus for people who don’t like buying games online.

With video games like “NBA2k,” “Black Ops Cold War” and “Modern Warfare,”everyone can tell the difference between the consoles. With the Series X, gamers can really tell that it has more power with the quality shown during the game, but with the Series S, the load speed is a little bit faster, which is good for the people who want to load into games faster.

“The new Xbox runs way smoother than some PC’s that are the same price,” said Jake Jones, Saddleback College student. “This is a very good plus because that was always a big question if the Xbox can compete with a lot of PC’s.”

Now, what people are going to say is, $500 is a lot of money going out at one time and that there are a plethora of other things that I can buy over this. One can buy two pairs of Jordans with that. One can also get two series three target apple watches or 63 pre-packed vanilla ice cream quarts from 31 flavors or even 298 20 fl. oz Dasani Purified water bottles.

So unless there are some really nice new shoes that have caught your eyes or a fondness of vanilla ice cream or since we just happen to be in a pandemic, and there are no more packs of water and there only is a 20 fl.oz Dasani Purified Water bottle, it seems like the Xbox is a good deal.

The Series X is inevitably the better choice for your spending on Cyber Monday. Gamers can play both systems and tell there is a big power difference between the two consoles. 

Also, being able to download more than five games depending on how much storage the game is. Even with the system being $200 more it’s still worth the money to buy the more powerful system.