Crew diligently tackles flooded streets in Seal Beach in preparation for upcoming high tides

High tide at

A relentless storm surge swept through the coastal community of Seal Beach. Several streets were submerged in water, disrupting daily life and prompting swift action from local authorities and dedicated crews.

The unrelenting downpour, coupled with high tides, led to creating hazardous conditions for both pedestrians and motorists. The Seal Beach Marine Safety Chief Joe Bailey spoke to the news on behalf of Seal Beach and what was going down. 

“Each year, Seal Beach puts up a winter sand berm and that berm goes right up before Thanksgiving and it comes right down before Spring Break,” said Bailey.

While progress was made in clearing the flooded streets, there is a possibility of more high tides. As the floodwaters receded, the community began the process of recovery. 

With sand barriers being rebuilt, there is hope that the water will not flood the city as badly.

There is a chance of high tide at 9 p.m. on Thursday, so the fight is not over just yet. The city is preparing for Thursday, and will not be under such a surprise this time. 

Seal Beach is more prepared and better equipped to face the next high tide that may come its way.