Counseling services offer online training

Kognito-At-Risk Training (Saddleback College Counseling Services)

Kaylee Johnston

Saddleback college’s counseling services offer online assistance for mental health and safety known as Kognito-At-Risk. These training courses require no costs.

This interactive program is a new form of training for students, faculty and staff and those supporting veterans to be able to identify and address those suffering from psychological distress.

The training simulations are different for students, faculty and staff and veterans supporters, following guidelines specific to each group.

The student training focuses on peer communication for emotional and academic problems. Students are advised to approach the topics carefully and effectively refer those suffering to safe outlets for mental instability.

Faculty and staff training assists in acknowledging stress and its impact on health and academic performance. According to Saddleback’s counseling services website, this 45-minute course is used in over 270 colleges and universities already.

The student, faculty and staff veterans supporters’ 30-minute training course focuses on veterans-sensitive topics and various resources available to veterans.

For more information on the courses, visit If there are any technical difficulties with accessing the programs, email [email protected].