New clubs recruit members at Club Rush

Alex Vincent, president of the MMA Club, speaking to a student . Sara Puckett l Lariat

Clubs were in recruitment mode on September 25 and 27 in the quad for Club Rush.   

Various clubs such as the architecture club, Buddhist for Peace Club, Environmental Club, Immigrant Student Alliance, Ladies of the Film and Media Industry (lofi), Literary Society Club and the MMA Club. 

Club members passed out flyers, candy, and even environmentally-conscious bamboo straws.

“Our club is called Walk and Talk,” said Wailmer Jr., president of the faith-based club. “What we create is a safe space for students to share what they are going through.”

 George Alabou, president of The Architecture Club, emphasized the club’s goal to help members obtain internships and work. 

“We offer to help students be ready in life when they want to become an architect,” Alabou said. 

Event organizers eagerly awaited the arrival of students. Edward McElroy, 19, Inter Club Council senator was nervous about the turnout because of how Covid19 impacted events over the past three years.   

“Club rush was a big success, and I am glad to see so many students come out and get involved,” McElroy said.    

 COVID-19 put a halt on club activities like in-person meetups, discourse, field trips and recruitment.