Campus Police release 2012 crime statistics

Cathy Lee Taylor

Saddleback campus police released their 2012 Annual Security Report comparing crime statistic from previous years.
2012 saw a drop in aggravated assault from six cases reported in 2011 to four in 2012. The California Penal Code 245 defines aggravated assault as a crime that is an act of force upon another person and one that is “committed with any type of deadly weapon or by means of force that is likely to cause great bodily injury to another.”  This code section refers to an assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm.
Burglary was up from three incidences to ten in 2012. Deputy Chief Jim Pyle described this crime as “one of an intention to enter a room or classroom and steal something.”

Vehicular burglary was down from nine cases to four, and motor vehicle theft was up by one. Liquor law violations saw a slight uptick, drug related violations a small downturn, and there was one reported case of weapons possession on campus in 2012.

According to the Clery Act of 1990, all postsecondary institutions participating in Title IV student financial aid programs must disclose campus crime statistics and security information. This information also includes maintaining a daily crime log which can be found at
Campus crimes must be reported to a Campus Security Authority which includes campus police, local police, as well as college officials such as teachers, coaches, faculty advisors and campus staff.
In the case of fire or earthquake, it was critical students know the evacuation procedure and maps of the area.
The complete procedure manual is available for download here:

Andrew Selegean, art, said his ecology professor “told us to check out the evacuation maps.” Regarding campus shooters, Selegean said he would “go to my car and leave, or maybe play dead.”

Evacuation maps can be found here:
Vehicle burglary happens on campus and students who don’t want to become a victim should always: 1) lock your vehicle, 2) park in well-lighted areas, and 3) place personal items out of sight.
Police warn that students should report suspicious people wandering around campus to college police at 949 582-4585 immediately. Phones are also available in the parking lots that go directly to the campus police and allow students to remain anonymous.
Students may also opt to use the silent witness form to report crime located here:
To survive an active shooter on campus, students need to be aware of what to do should this situation become a reality.
Jenna Sahyoun, psychology, said if confronted by a shooter she would, “stay in the classroom under the desk and turn out the lights.”
Campus police have developed a detailed report of exactly what to do located here: 

Also available on campus is a Crisis Intervention Team composed of professional counselors that assist when a student or staff member experiences a psychological emergency and needs immediate attention. To connect with the crisis team call 949 582-4572.
A copy of the full Annual Security Report can be found here: