Career resource center to host free CalWORKs self-compassion workshop series for CalWORKs students this semester

Cindy Duran, Saddleback’s CalWORKS counselor, hosts monthly Self Compassion Workshop Series workshops in person and remote. Adam Sparano I Lariat

The CalWORKs Self-Compassion Workshop Series is free to all CalWORKs students this semester Fridays 10 to 12 pm. Their upcoming meetings are scheduled for October 13, November 17, and December 8 in the Saddleback College Career Resource Center. The meetings are held and on Zoom and presented by Parisa Soltani IVC councilor and Cindy Duran Saddleback College councilors.

All CalWORKs parents are encourage to attend to learn how to understand self-compassion and criticism, to develop a self-compassion practice and to improve resilience when responding to negative emotions. Participants can attend in person in the career counseling center on Saddlebacks campus.

“Give yourself a pat on the back!” Duran said, “It’s hard especially being a parent and doing something wrong, it’s stressful and this is a great workshop for self-compassion awareness.”

“How you feel about yourself is going to be reflected in your children.” Soltani said. “This is a safe place to grow learn together and learn about self-compassion”

Workbooks were distributed free at the event that have a 45 day plan to lead participation in the seminar.

Other suggested resources offered at the seminar Your Golden Journey: A 45 Day Pilgrimage to Personal Transformation by Diana Christnson and also The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook: A Proven Way To Accept Yourself, Build Inner Strength, and Thrive by Kristin Neff Associate Professor at University of Texas and Dr. Christopher German.