Black Friday goes Dark at South Coast Plaza

On the busiest shopping day of the year, South Coast Plaza loses the power on three out of the four shopping aisles.

“Please remain calm.” The intercom announces in the Nordstrom store, “the store is experiencing some technical difficulties. Our employees are still here to help you. But there is one register working. Please be patient as we will be with you shortly. Thank you and Happy Holidays.”

According to the South Coast Plaza security, the power was lost just before 12 pm. When asked why the power was off, the officer replied, “One of the four transformers is in a very poor position out near the street. This one had almost no drainage so when the rains hit the transformer got flooded and quit.”

South Coast Plaza houses multiple designer stores including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Tiffany and Co.  When the power went out, all of the stores affected by this were forced to shut due to the security threat of them getting robbed.

Officer Maria has been part of the security for multiple years and she began to worry about the safety of the shoppers. She stated,” although we know what caused the power outage we as security still need to handle the situation as a high threat due to the price tags on most of these stores.”

The mall received power after over  4 hours with it being off. AS the electricity turned back on a cheer echoed the halls. Unfortunately, since many of the high-end stores had to reset all of their items, it took them an additional 45 minutes to open.

Although many stores lost millions of dollars from the event that happened on Black Friday, multiple stores continued to sell their items at a discounted rate throughout the weekend to ensure the deals were not missed.