BGS construction: haven’t we already done this?

Students walk past uprooted floor sections in the BGS building. (Sean Lara/Lariat Staff)

Joseph Espiritu

A little over a year since being re-opened for classes after an approximated $8-million overhaul spanning almost 18-months to fix structural problems and excessive mold build-up, the Business General Studies building is once again undergoing construction.

Moisture found in concrete slabs forming the flooring of the first level of the BGS building was first noted around the beginning of the 2009 fall semester. Safety cones bordering bare slabs and uplifted vinyl flooring can be seen throughout the first floor.

“There is excessive moisture in the slabs so we had to pull out the flooring and apply sealant,” said John Ozurovich, director of facilities and maintenance.

The moisture, which is caused by subterranean water according to Ozurovich has affected about 10-15 percent of the whole first floor.

“I’m sure it’s due to them watering the plants around the building for 2-3hours at a time,” said Ryan Meister, 24, business administration.  “Its improper allocation of funds.  They need to plant indigenous plants that require a lot less watering first, instead of building new structures over by the village.”

Although water is present mold is not of concern due to the mold-resistant flooring and slabs that were installed during the reconstruction.
“Nora Flooring will be supplying all the needed materials to repair the damages for free,” said Ozurovich.

The repairs, which are set to take place on Thanksgiving break, will be performed by campus maintenance staff.

“Labor costs will be minimal,” Ozurovich said.  “It will all be performed in-house so that brings costs down.”

The repairs were postponed all the way toward the end of November since the sealant needs time to cure.

“We can’t do the repairs sooner since the sealant takes a whole day to completely cure, and thanksgiving break is the only week where there will be no student traffic in the area,” Ozurovich said.