“Attack on Titan” season four will break the internet

Official artwork for “Attack on Titan” season four from the  new studio Maruyama Animation Product Project Association. MAPPA   

The massively popular anime series “Attack on Titans” release date was finally confirmed for Dec. 7. Though originally scheduled for an early fall 2020 release, it was pushed back due to COVID-19. Many fans were worried that the release date would be pushed into 2021.

For those who don’t recall, “Attack on Titan” took over the mainstream market in 2013 when it was released. It grew in popularity with those in the anime community and many fans dressed up as their favorite characters in the series at conventions. The show went on to reach a wide audience and has been frequently referenced in the same ways “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead” are commonly discussed.

It’s rare for an anime feature to go so widely mainstream so quickly and become as popular as “Attack on Titan.” It took just one season to challenge the greats in the anime world, and peaked at number one as the top-rated anime series on “My Anime List” 2019. It also was the best selling anime in 2013 and won multiple awards at the Newtype Anime Awards.

Although a release date for the English version has yet to be announced, many longtime fans can say watching it in Japanese with subtitles is the best way to experience the show. Also, the trailer for season four did not disappoint either. 

The trailer itself broke a record of its own and is now the most viewed seasonal anime TV trailer on YouTube. Though the producers changed animation studios, fans believe that the final season will surpass the popularity of the last three.

“If handled correctly, this final season of ‘Attack on Titans’ could be the wrap-up fans have deserved, for a once-in-decade anime that has shaped the landscape of the genre for years to come,” said Tim Gasai, a popular YouTuber known as ForneverWorld

Many agree that when this anime ends, it will go down as an instant-classic. Not only will it be compared to many other famous animes such as “Dragon Ball Z” or “Death Note” but will be compared to other television greats. 

Although information about the final season is still unreleased, questions remain on how many episodes will be released or if the season will be split into two parts as season three was. More information will be released as the Dec. 7 premiere date approaches. 

This gives those interested in viewing a popular anime plenty of time to start watching and catch up. It also gives fans a chance to re-watch the series to refresh their memories. Episodes can be found and watched on Netflix or Hulu or anime websites such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.