ASG holds food drive for families in need

Casie Nguyen

The associated Student Government held a food drive to help provide canned food for local families in need for this upcoming holiday season.

“ASG was given the honor of feeding 25 unfortunate Saddleback College students and their families for Thanksgiving.” 

Secretary of Events Sonia Vaswani said. “It’s more personal when we’re helping our own student body in these tough times as a community.”

Saddleback is had it’s own Turkey Drive, where canned foods were collected from all students willing to donate their non perishable goods to help families in need. 

ASG was out in the quad all week so students can bring canned foods to donate.  The last day students could donate their canned goods was on November 17. 

“We are collecting all food that can be used for a typical family dinner such as corn beans, but no non perishable goods and no premade food.” Marco Rico, 20 said.  

To add to the non-traditional twist, ASG enlisted the help of grocery stores.

Along with the usual drive at Saddleback, ASG plans on getting most of their donations from grocery stores, where they handed shoppers small lists for them to purchase and collect afterwards. 

“I plan on helping out a family this season and Saddleback makes it so easy.” Mike Vulpo, 18, journalism said.  He plans on donating a few cans.

As for the turkeys, since they run expensive, ASG will be asking stores to donate them.                                           

ASG recruited stores such as Wal Mart on Alicia, Pavilions on Crown Valley, Ralphs and Trader Joes in the donation process. If students were unavailable to donate at Saddleback, they can go to these locations for donations.

“After everything is proportioned off to the families, the remaining food will be donated,” Marco Rico, 20, communications said. “All extra donations will go to the food bank.” 

Corns, beans, mixes, any canned foods were collected. Once the food is collected, ASG will prepare the canned goods and proportioned them according to family size. The food will be ready for the 25 families to pick up.

“A lot of students don’t realize that there are students at Saddleback struggling, hopefully we can spread awareness.” Vaswani said.

“This thanksgiving I will be more thankful than ever for everything I have.” Vulpo says, “even in these tough economic times, It’s still important to give what you can and help those in need. Every family deserves a delicious dinner.”