ASG election update: ICC still vacant

During the second day of ASG elections at Saddleback College, April 9, students were still casting their votes for their preferred candidates. However, one of the most important positions was still vacant.

“The Director of Inter-Club Council is one of the most important positions and it’s still vacant,” said Jonathan Stephens, Director of Budget and Finance. “They play an important role in all of the student clubs on campus.”

When asked what would happen to the position next year if no one filled it, Stephens said he wasn’t sure and the ASG faculty would have to decide what to do.

“I wish more students got involved in the election process,” Stephens said.

Current ASG volunteer, Shannon Elsasser, is running for Director of Events and was campaigning in the BGS quad.

“The login process to vote was a little confusing but we figured it out,” Elsasser said.

Freshman Taylor Lawford was in the BGS quad casting her votes and said that voting for ASG positions was very important to her.

“I think students voting is very important,” Lawford said. “I voted because the candidates were nice and gave me flyers.”

Students can vote at by clicking on the “vote now” button.