Apple changes the way we communicate, again

Oliver Yu

Apple announced recently that the new iPad 2 is coming out, with the expected addition of a front and rear megapixel camera.

The camera is a welcome addition as the FaceTime video chat is much more inviting on the iPad 4’s 9.7-inch screen. Several other competing companies like Motorolla and Microsoft have announced a similar design schemes in the up coming tablet products.

With the new addition of the cameras, this opens up new possibilities with not only photography with the tablet, but photo editing software. With a faster processor and better electronic capabilities, this would allow more complex and feature full software to be released.

Apple doesn’t have to try too hard as their original iPad has over 15 million sold units around the world and every other computer developer is trying to knock them off their pedestal.

Apple now adds its famous two color scheme for the new product, with either a white or black version. The new iPad 2 is updated now to be 33 percent thinner than the older model, giving a very sleek and professional look.

iPad 2 has a new aim to capture all your multimedia needs. Apple plans to release a new adapter cable for $39 to mirror your iPad onto a HDTV. This would also allow you to video picture slide shows and saved movies on the iPad as well.

Apple claims with all these welcome addition, the iPad 2 will maintain its long lasting 10-hour battery life. Also the iPad 2 will receive the same pricing scheme as the past models.

Many developers try to match the Apple iPad 2, but the major advantage it holds is that there are over 65,000 applications designed specifically for the iPad. With the iPhone applications included, there are over 350,000 applications available to users.

Apple’s new iPad 2 will be running a new operating system, v. 4.2, which will now allow wireless connection to the Apple TV Box to wireless stream HD video to it from the iPad 2 via their trademark method, AirPlay.

Apple wants to make everything work together, so the iPad will also be able to wireless sync using iTunes Home Sharing, allowing you to share your pictures, videos, podcast, and other digital material via internet.

Also, a new major feature creating a lot of buzz is the iPad from both AT&T and Verizon is that it will be able to be used as a wireless hotspot for laptop and other electronic devices. Both companies have not yet released information on the cost of this service yet.

So once again, Apple changes the way we communicate.