An overview of the third floor of the LRC building

Marcus Sosa, Criminal Justice, studies in the LRC building (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)

Ashley Reyes and Hayley Slye

The third floor of the LRC contains a reference desk, computers open for students, and a place for the library workshops. The architecture is noticeably different from the old design of the building; it has opened up lighting and huge windows. 

Systems librarian Jenny L. Langrell has seen a huge transformation in the building since the beginning of her career at Saddleback College in 1995. She adds that she has seen an increase in students since the building’s renovation.

“They’ve opened it up and made it a much more welcoming space with better energy, I’ve had several students come up to me and say words to that effect” said Langrell

Some other resources available on the third floor are also study rooms, which are used heavily. These study rooms are first come first serve, they are geared for multiple students although single students use them as well. There are a few rules that apply to these rooms, which are posted outside the rooms.  The third floor has a classified named John, who helps students reset their passwords, login to blackboard and help with other technical issues who are a huge help.

The library workshops are also located on the third floor LRC 314, you sign up for them in the reference desk. There is one workshop, which takes place online through workshops. They’ve been working on making it available for students to sign up for them online, but there is currently a technical issue with that.

“They can call the reference desk and sign up or they can come in and signup at the computer,” Langrell said.

The third floor contains a reserve section in which students can utilize textbooks from their selected classes, the reserve section also includes other resources which are available to students such as samples of the exams in some cases.

“Probably one of the most heavily used things on campus is the reserve section, that’s where faculty members put things that they want you to (use) , a big thing is textbooks, which can be extremely expensive, there is a high chance of us having it.” said Langrell.

These textbooks come from a number of different resources that include the professors themselves, who sometimes have extra copies of the textbooks to put on reserve.

Another aspect of the library that interests Langrell are the couches used for studying by the teachers. She explains how these couches create a sense of community among the students, in which they can study and learn from each other. 

“They’re not just shooting the breeze they’re actually really studying, I didn’t think that was going to take place, I thought that would be more solitary, those little pods have turned out differently than I thought, and that’s a positive thing” said Langrell

Full interview with Jenny L. Langrell

LRC third floor illuminating lighting (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)

Library books in the LRC third floor (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)

(top left) Sahar Salhi, psychology major, (bottom left) Taylor Isaac, nursing major, (top right) Shadi Ghaheri, theater major. (bottom right) Natasha Mugol, psychology major (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)

Kyoko Takenaka, entertainment technology, reading in the LRC. (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)