81 parking spots closed due to landscape designs


A tractor excavates the remaining shrubbery around Lots 9 & 10. (Niko LaBarbera)

A tractor excavates the remaining shrubbery around Lots 9 & 10. (Niko LaBarbera)

Why were 81 parking spots closed in lot 10 a few weeks ago? Thats the question many student drivers may have been asking themselves when they got to school and saw caution tape lining the outside of parking lots 9 and 10.

This was due to new landscape designs which began on Tuesday, February 10.

While the shrubbery surrounding lots 9 and 10 acted as a good natural barrier, it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing display of plant life.

Contractors began excavating the area surrounding parking lot 10 on Tuesday, which resulted in 81 spots being temporarily closed.

Lot 10 returned to normal after Tuesday, but lot 9 experienced 23 closures on Wednesday as excavation continued.

The shrubs are gone and parking is back to normal, but when landscaping continues prepare for the parking lot to turn chaotic.

With no tentative schedule for the landscape designs to take place, more parking closures are to be expected throughout the semester.

The closures create a more difficult than normal parking situation for student drivers. Some drivers risk parking along the empty red curbs to get to class, while others try squeezing into the unmarked spaces below the Fine Arts Building.

Second year photography student Noah Garrett parked off campus to avoid a possible ticket and the chaotic parking lots.

“The parking lot was crazy that day,” explained Garrett. “It made more sense to park on the street and walk.”

Campus police are aware of these student struggles. They know when parking is scarce and that student drivers will park anywhere to get to class on time.

Parking in makeshift spots may get you out of the parking lot quicker, but there’s a good chance you’ll find a ticket waiting for you when you return.