Students compete for scholarships in 11th annual Math, Science and Engineering triathlon

Winner announcement MSE 11

Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their academic knowledge in the Math, Science and Engineering triathlon with the chance of scholarship awards.

The 11th annual Math, Science and Engineering Academic Triathlon held March 15 at Saddleback College was a chance for students to test their knowledge and win scholarships.

Jane Horlings, instructor of biology at Saddleback and adviser of the triathlon for 11 years, was excited about the showing of students this year and specifically noted the scholarship money is greatly beneficial to their educational experience and helping them offset school expenses.

“The most fun is when you see something you think you cannot do and surprise yourself when trying to accomplish it,” said Maya Chen, 18-year-old physics major at Saddleback, who was one of the winners of the $200 prize.

“I felt tested. The test was difficult. More than that the biology, marine science and anatomy sections were a reminder of fields that I know so little about,”¬†said Chad Province, a 24-year-old chemical engineering major.¬†“I would say I didn’t feel prepared but I knew going in there was no way I could really be prepared for a test covering so many topics. I would definitely recommend people give it a shot next year.”

The test encompassed multiple areas of the sciences, and according to students, there was a high degree of difficulty, yet they gained satisfaction out of the mental challenge of the test.