Psychology Week: Autogenics relaxation technique

Psi Beta club is presenting its Psi Week at Saddleback College, where a series of workshops are put together in campus by Psychology club in coordination with Psi Beta National Association to raise awareness on mental issues, said Melissa Miranda, psychology major and president of Psychology Beta Club.

“Psychology week’s goal is to raise awareness on the man mental issues that students cope in campus and to promote the study of Psychology, ” she said.

We put on a psychology week every year in spring, said Iman Moujtahed, liberal art major and member of Psi Beta club. We have another small version called awareness week that is presented in the fall, she said

Robert Mathews Ph D

Robert D. Mathews, associate faculty professor presents its workshop: Deep relaxation technique to

As part of the event today Robert D. Mathews, Associate Faculty Professor presents its Autogenics Demonstration: Deep Relaxation to Reduce Stress workshop, at the Student Lounge.

Autogenics is a relaxation technique  to overcome stress and cope with the outside elements that we cannot control, said Dr Mathews.

“Autogenic training is a technique that teaches your body to respond to your verbal commands,” said Dr Mathews. He stressed out the advantage of autogenics technique of relaxation vs the use of drugs to fight stress.

Mathews is a real believer of nature and the ancient teaching of the endless, he said and closed the session with a Native American ancient lesson that he said was meant by the elders to be passed along to the new generations,

“May you have the vision of the eagle, and the strength  of the bear, we all connected to transcend the moment.” he said