Zombieland: Double Tap back with a bang

Zombieland: Double Tap puts viewers inside of a zombie wasteland all over the United States as a group of friends travel the nation to find refuge.

Zombieland: Double Tap

The long-awaited sequel to Zombieland, Zombieland: Double Tap, came out with an impressive start, topping its previous film’s opening weekend of $24.7 million to an estimated $26.7 million. The story puts you right back with the same four characters on their way to find a new home in our nation’s capital, more specifically inside the White House.

Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Witchita (Emma Stone), Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), and Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) roll into the start of the movie through an exhaustingly long slow-motion reel of zombie slaughter as the opening credits come through. One of the few real negatives in this is the uber tacky and choreographed opening scene of explosions and zombie brains blowing every direction as we wait for the actual movie to begin.

Witchita catches us up on what has happened through the many years we have not seen the group, describing what they have been up to and even introducing the viewers to new and improved zombies that have adapted the hunt.

Tallahassee, Witchita, Little Rock, and Columbus develop rough patches throughout the film, with Little Rock looking for a boyfriend or really anyone her age to get away from the two love birds and Tallahassee. The theme of finding love and feeling alone in embedded into the storyline with rough patches in the group and even forming relationships with other non-zombies around the country.

If you enjoyed the first Zombieland, then shocker, the second is just what the viewers wanted. Zombieland: Double Tap embodies the first movie and goes into their fast-paced back and forth humor with now fully developed characters which still keep their unique and improved chemistry with the implementation of Madison (Zoey Deutch) as the dumb attractive blonde and Berkeley (Avan Jogia) as the hippie stoner pacifist.

The original crew split into two during the film, Berkeley and Little Rock together looking for the peaceful sanctuary to live in a while leaving Columbus, Tallahassee, Madison, and Witchita set on a mission to find the two runaways while still trying to adapt to Madison and her dynamic she brings to the table. Tallahassee and Columbus count for numerous laughs and have great chemistry throughout the film that is mocked from allies on their journey.

Zombie killing is in no shortage for this movie either. Shots to the head, kick through the skull, axes, and buildings collapsing you name it, they did it. They used ingenious ways to spice up the film by kill zombies with accolades such as the kill of the year; the movie gives comedic takes on ways to humiliate the zombies in the apocalyptic time.

And who can forget everybody’s favorite from the first film, Bill freaking Murray? But don’t get too excited, although he is in the movie, Bill’s screen time is almost held to a minimum and disappointed many who loved his work in the first.

The countless laughs this movie leaves people with is one that leaves a message of the importance of finding a family for you wherever that may be. This is one of the few times a long-awaited sequel actually may surpass the original in laughter and overall enjoyment of the film.