Your next hobby according to your zodiac sign


See what new activity you should explore that can tend to your spiritual needs

As astrology and zodiac signs attain more attention in pop culture, it has become a perfect excuse for anything. It serves as the excuse for why you wear specific colors, attract certain people and behave certain ways. Why not dive in deeper and see what hobby you should try based on your zodiac sign.

Aries | Martial arts

With Aries being a zodiac sign that takes on challenges, martial art is a perfect match to keep them entertained. Those in the Aries constellation are natural leaders who thrive on challenges. They are thrill-seekers and love a good adventure. Martial arts would be a great way for Aries to channel their motivated and courageous personality. 

Taurus | Cooking

Those in the Taurus zodiac are inherently calm people with interest in hands-on learning. With their symbol being the Earth element, they also have a strong connection to its natural ingredients. Cooking takes patience, which is high quality for the sign. The mind of a Taurus thrives on learning new things, and with the endless recipes found on the internet and cookbooks, cooking would be a great hobby.

Gemini | Podcasting

The Gemini is a very social sign. They flourish through conversation and the relationships they get from them. Podcasting is a great way to have authentic chats with loved ones or even people you’ve never met. Gemini is most comfortable when the conversations they have naturally flow with little to no interruption. 

Cancer | Crystal collecting

Cancer signs tend to love the comfort of their own home and the aesthetic around it. As they are highly intuitive with the energies around them, they favor maintaining good energy at all times. Collecting crystals is a way for Cancers to improve their room decor and stimulate their self-protection. 

Leo | Painting

As Leo adores anything that represents beauty, painting is an excellent way for the sign to take advantage of their playful and creative personality. Starting with a blank canvas may be challenging. However, Leo’s determination to get things done quickly may result in some amazing paintings. 

Virgo | Creative writing

Virgos are detail-oriented, intelligent and free-spirited. Creative writing gives Virgos space to explore their mind and still feel educationally stimulated by thinking of stories. Virgos tend to get bored quickly, so coming up with stories, plot twists and different characters will be sure to entertain them. 

Libra | Design

A Libra takes pride in its artistic mind and how that reflects upon its aesthetic. Whether it is their clothes or bedroom, they never disappoint to ensure it looks one-of-a-kind. Designing can be a great way for Libras to see just how creative they can get, and buying the supplies will cater to their need for retail therapy. 

Scorpio | Yoga

Contrary to the stereotype that Scorpios are temperamental, that is far from true. Scorpios value passion, meditation and spirituality. Yoga would be a great hobby to get into for this zodiac. As Scorpios are deep thinkers, yoga gives them space and time to be alone with their thoughts. 

Sagittarius | Gardening

Gardening caters to the curious and unexpected minds of the Sagittarius. With their love and need for a soothing environment, gardening is an excellent way for members of the Sagittarius sign to cool off. The sign also values being spontaneous and does not enjoy things going with a specific plan. 

Capricorn | Drawing

As Capricorns tend to overwork themselves, a recommended hobby should be on the more relaxing side. As the sign is a part of the Earth element, they enjoy things as calm as nature. While it is a calming hobby, drawing can also tend to the hardworking, determined and practical sign Capricorn represents.

Aquarius | Volunteering

An Aquarius values hobbies with a goal. As a sign that values purpose in making contributions and doing good for those in need, volunteer work is an easy way to do both. They are active signs which are very consistent when finding a hobby that caters to their interests. As they are excellent planners and organizers, this would benefit both the Aquarius and the volunteer organization. 

Pisces | Poetry writing

The signs of a Pisces are romantic, determined and dreamy. With a need to express deep emotion, poetry writing can serve as a creative outlet that caters to that. Poetry explores the artistic side of writing, something a Pisces would enjoy due to their fondness for minor details.