Why you should read the Lariat News

Screenshot of The Lariat Website

There are many reasons why you should read The Lariat Print and Online. In this article, I will give you the top three reasons why you should read Saddleback Colleges Newspaper.

1. Student-Run

The Lariat Newspaper is a student-run newspaper meaning that students write their articles and prepare them meeting a deadline before the end of the week. Some materials that the Lariat writes have to do with the college news and insights in the local area.

2. Students relate to the newspaper

Some reports talk about life and connect it to other students’ lives, and it’s funny how relatable some article are. Some articles advise students like studying for finals, places to go on campus to hang out or eat food.

3. Articles are up to date

When articles are posted, writers can update a story keeping it as contemporary as possible, and viewers can read articles that are, for the most part, up to date. The Lariat Publication strives to have every single article published to be factual and unbiased unless otherwise noted. That being said, you won’t find fake news here.

Those are the top three reasons why you should read the Lariat newspaper.