Students share why they’re here at Saddleback College

Joseph Do enjoys being a student at Saddleback for its affordability and convenience. (Kimberly Johnston)

Saddleback College is home to more than 26,305 students.  The college offers 190 programs awarding associate degrees, academic certificates and occupational skills awards.

Saddleback also ranked tenth in statewide transfers to the University of California system for 2011-2012, according to its website.

We asked students, “Why are you here at Saddleback?”

Convenience was factor number one for John Bremer, a 22-year-old history major. Bremer, who lives in San Clemente, said its only a 15-minute drive from his house. He’s been a student at Saddleback for the past four years.

“Eventually, I want to transfer to Cal State Fullerton,” Bremer said.  “I’ve hit a few obstacles that’s prolonged my stay at Saddleback, like putting off math courses.”

Mission Viejo resident, Joseph Do, is a 26-year-old computer science major, in the middle of his second year and has completed about 30 units.  Like Bremer, Do hopes to transfer to CSUF as well.

“After I finish the rest of my units, I’ll transfer to Fullerton,” Do said.  “I came to Saddleback first though, since its convenient and affordable.”

Marivel Guzman also contributed to this article.