Which streaming service is perfect for you?

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Since the start of quarantine, more families have been at home, leading to an increased demand for streaming services. As a result of that, more and more streaming services have popped up, begging for your attention. However, you can only pay for so much, that’s why we’ve compiled a unique list of some of the lesser-known services you can subscribe to that may cater more to your tastes on top of your Netflix, HBO and Hulu. 

For the Horror Fans Who Love a Good Scare 

The best options for horror fans at the moment has to be Amazon Prime and the pure horror-focused service that has been quickly gaining popularity, Shudder. Both are relatively cheap options and with Halloween a few months away, there is no better time to check these out.

Compared to other streaming services, Prime has the most recently release horror films on its platform including  “The Lighthouse,” “Midsommar,” “Hereditary” and “A Quiet Place.” Prime has the biggest catalog of mainstream big-budget horror movies that you won’t want to miss, with a monthly subscription fee of $12.99.  However, students get a pretty generous discount, allowing them to pay $6.59 per month, well worth it for dedicated horror fans.

Shudder is another streaming service that is a lot more niche and more focused on horror fans that want to watch something more original than what’s available on mainstream platforms. If you’re somebody that’s pretty much watched every possible horror film or show on Netflix or even Prime, it’s worth the switch. Shudder definitely delivers more original horror experiences with their own original films, series and even spotlighting some horror classics like “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th” and “Hellraiser.” There’s a seven-day free trial you can sign up for and take a peek into what Shudder has to offer. If it’s something you feel like is for you, monthly subscriptions are only $5.99, or you can save a bit more with the yearly plan that is $56.99, adding up to only $4.69 per month. 

These two services are the best offerings at the moment for horror fans, definitely try them out and see what gives you those chills you know and love. 

For the Boring Study Sessions that Always Needs Something On 

You know who you are. You know how boring studying can get without having some type of noise on in the background, always resorting to the shows that you’ve watched countless times until every line, scene, and episode is fully memorized and ingrained in your brain. Thankfully the perfect bundle of the content you need is out now with the “Hulu with HBO Max” bundle. 

Hulu provides viewers with the biggest catalog of TV shows at the moment, with a mass variety of shows perfect for when you want to drown out the silence when studying. Some of Hulu’s more notable picks include “Parks and Recreation,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Good Place.” All short binge-able shows that for the most part don’t have a focus on story, but more on humor, helping you focus and not die of boredom. 

HBO Max is the newest iteration of HBO’s line of services. While it might be one of the pricier ones on the market, the bundle with Hulu makes it a pretty good deal, two for the price of one. Some of their more notable offerings are “Rick and Morty,” “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Friends,” which was removed from Netflix last year and has found a new home here.

Both of these services have a great number of shows you’re bound to find something you like that can help with those study sessions that last hours and hours. As of right now, you can get both of these in a bundle for $15.99 a month. It’s a bit pricier, but makes sense with the amount of quality content you will have access to.  

For the Ones Who Look for More Bang for your Buck

Recently, a newcomer has made its way into the market of streaming services that are fighting for your attention, Peacock. Only releasing just recently, its biggest selling point is that it’s free. With full access for anybody and thousands of hours of content for you to watch without paying a penny while, you’ll even be able to watch shows a day after they air on live TV. While you do have access to pretty much everything, their Premium plan is what allows you to watch even more extras, including more programming, live TV,  sports and early access to late-night shows all for $5.99 a month. 

They also have another tier above the Premium plan. Premium Plus gives you everything previously mentioned, but now without ads for $9.99 a month. It’s a pretty amazing deal and is available on most devices. So, if you are tired of paying for three to four services at once, this might be the one for you. The platform is now home for shows such as “Everybody Hates Chris,” “30 Rock” and soon “The Office.” It’s definitely a packaged deal that is worth it and also has a seven-day free trial you can use to check it out. 

There you have it, an assortment of streaming services that could potentially speak to you,  save you money and provide you with hours and hours of content. No more paying for a handful of services to get a few shows here and there that you might like, find one perfect fit to enjoy your favorite shows as well as some extra money in your bank account.