Universal Studios gets spooky with it: horror nights have begun

The Shining's Jack Torrance's notorious scene from the film came to live in the horror nights maze. (Maria Marquez/ Lariat)

The Shining’s Jack Torrance’s notorious scene from the film came to live in the horror nights maze. (Maria Marquez/ Lariat)

Universal Studios sets up its entrance for Halloween Horror Nights to display it's Titans Of Terror Tram. (Maria Marquez/ Lariat)

Universal Studios sets up its entrance for Halloween Horror Nights to display it’s Titans Of Terror Tram. (Maria Marquez/ Lariat)

Halloween season has begun, which means Universal Studio Hollywood has kicked off its annual Halloween Horror Nights, an event that runs all the way through Nov. 5.

This year features some of the biggest names in horror movie history such as “The Shining”, “Child’s Play”, and “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

Nightmares Never End is the theme for this years horror nights. Mazes, scare zones, shows, and the terror tram are set up on Universal’s iconic back lots, the event is bringing back early access to mazes for guests who arrive at 5 p.m.,instead of the opening time of 7 p.m., which allows many to get through the popular mazes with no wait times.

Titans of Terror is back this year making a double appearance with a maze and the terror tram,maze that features the infamous Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface and highlights the horrors of each of their respective movies.

The Terror Tram features the three Titans of Terror, but with a twist. The tram is hosted by “Child’s Play” killer, Chucky. The drop off at Universal’s backlot leaves guests at a dirt patch guiding them to walk through the mazes dedicated to the Titans and Chucky, thankfully, the tram differs from the Titans maze.

The Horrors of Blumhouse, having the longest wait time, was one of the most anticipated mazes.,  Universal has released many of the most recent horror blockbusters, such as the ones featured at this years event. “The Purge”, back for its third year, unfortunately fell short of thrills. “Happy Death Day” and “Sinister” made it’s horror night debut.

“The Shining”, the classic horror maze for this year, just like last years “The Exorcism”,brought back nostalgic horror film vibes. The maze featured infamous scenes from the movie, such as the twins in the hallway, the redrum door, Danny on his tricycle, and frozen Jack Torrance.

“Jigsaw” hits theatres Oct. 27 and the maze was there to represent. Based on the prior franchise “Saw”, the maze was a combination of both films The rooms and gory tortures that haunted many from the original where on full display.

“American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare,” is back this year with a maze dedicated to the shows final season of production.  The Maze will give viewers nightmares with the frights of popular characters like The Butcher and Pig Head.

The battle between chainsaw handler Ash and the dead comes to life, as you try to survive along side Ash, in the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” maze..

For those looking for a break of the stroke provoking lighting and bloody rooms, horror nights is back with the Las Vegas sensation Jabbawockeez. The show is worth seeing and truly demonstrates why these dancers won top honors on “America’s Best Dance Crew”.

Lastly, “Insidious: Beyond the Further” is a combination of all three films with snippets of the upcoming fourth release. Including parts of the four chiller films, this maze has elements to scare everyone. With appearances of the Red Face Demon and that unforgettable, back chilling, Tiny Tim song, “Tip Toe Thru’ The Tulips With Me”, that brings back all of the nightmares the first “Insidious” gave us.

Universal’s Horror Nights knows how to scare and it brings this year’s horror blockbusters to life. If the nightmares the movies gave us weren’t enough, living them are even more horrific, making it the perfect way to spend a chilly October night.