Universal Messages week 4

Clouds representing the element of air for Libra Season. Julia Simpson/Lariat

This week we will be transitioning from earth-bound Virgo season to the airy Libra season. There will be a change in the way we all start to feel about everyone and ourselves. With Virgo season ending, we’ll feel more in our element to step out of our boundaries and wear our hearts on our sleeves.  

For all my lovely fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) love is in the air! Whether it be a new fiery relationship sparking or spoiling yourself this season, love will be the main focus. With all the passion you have within, it’s time to let it out and truly feel your emotions. Don’t hold back, this is the season that will bless you if you are true to yourself and true to others.

All of my watery kings and queens (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) had a very emotional time last week with the new moon. A lot of emotions were released, but the new moon in Virgo allowed you to prepare for the love in the air during Libra season. Virgo’s new moon encouraged you guys to open up to those around you, creating connections, and being your most authentic self. As Libra season begins, the passion you feel within you will ultimately pave the way of your love life and you’ll continue to receive good energy if you continue to open up to others.

As we transition out of the grounded earth-bound Virgo season, all of the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will drastically feel the shift in energies. Last season was all about you and looking inward to focus on what you are truly passionate about. With Virgo season ending, you are now ready to put that passion in drive in all areas of your life. This is your season to shine, not just in love but also in your career and social life!

Last, but certainly not least, all of my air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will be within their element this month as you are transitioning into Libra season. The new moon in Virgo forced you to truly look inward, heal past wounds, and focus on your passions. With Libra season approaching, it’s almost a breath of fresh air because Libra season will be lighter, more flirty, and overall more fun , especially for Libras! If you truly found the drive to heal past wounds and focus on yourself during Virgo season, Libra season will be a great time for you to recharge and reconnect with yourself in all aspects.