Universal Messages week 3

A palm tree representing Earth. Julia Simpson/Lariat 

There is quite a lot happening in our little Universe this week. To help gain better insight, Naomi Hunt, who is studying to be an Astrologist and is taking online classes at the Academy of AstroPsychology. She’s going to be explaining what’s happening in the universe, and how it’ll affect the signs as a whole. 

“The main focus of the upcoming week is the New Moon transitioning into Virgo, aligning with the Sun being in Virgo,” Hunt said. “As the very organized and analytical Virgo sign transitions into the New Moon, all the signs will feel a shift in motivation. In this productive phase, everyone will be focusing on creating a healthier and disciplined environment for themselves.”

This new moon in Virgo will particularly affect the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. What all three signs have in common when it comes to this new moon, is all of them will be asked to look inward, truly ask what they desire and focus on the importance of their relationships with others and themselves.

“With the sun and moon both in Virgo, these specific signs will be inclined to focus more on their relationships with others and themselves,” Hunt said. “While the energy of the new moon is encouraging Aquarius to be their most authentic self and to open up about things they wouldn’t normally open up about, Libras and Geminis are encouraged to heal old wounds and ditch old habits/coping mechanisms. In other words, Aquarius are encouraged to seek outward, while Libras and Geminis are encouraged to dive deep within themselves, but all three of them have the same goal: to plant new seeds and sprout.”

On the luckier side, the energy of the new moon will affect fiery Aries, earth-bound Capricorn, and surprisingly watery Cancer. Instead of the new moon’s energy taking over these signs’ emotions, these signs will experience minimal waves of intense energy and be more focused on themselves rather than what’s going on around them. 

Capricorns and Cancers are both encouraged to express their emotions freely during this time because bottling everything up would be a waste of such a strengthening new moon. Cancers are naturally inclined to feel all emotions, so the new moon will boost you to use those emotions and apply them to what you’re passionate about. As for Capricorns, this is your time to unwind and let all that is circling your mind to unleash; it’s time for you to open up to those who care about you. 

In contrast, Aries have a harder time getting in touch with their emotions and how they physically feel. To all my Aries, use this new moon to relax, don’t jump ahead on anything because this new moon is your opportunity to slow down and figure out what your body needs. Try some meditation to clear your mind and relax your body. 

“In general, new moons are something to look forward to for each sign because, universally, it’s like a reset button,” Hunt said. “With this energy of a fresh start, each sign will individually experience a different kind of boost. All of the signs will be deeply encouraged to face their emotions head-on, and focus on using that boost to catapult their deepest desires.”

All in all, this new moon energy will strengthen your inner growth and open you up to the power of your emotions. Your emotions and personal energy are the key to your growth and achieving all that you want and need. Take this time to remember you are the only one holding you back from all that you can achieve, and once you realize the power you hold, you can take strong initiative.