Twitch streamer racks in $16,000 in one night by ‘sleep influencing’

Here’s a woman having a luxurious napping experience. Free-Photos/Pixabay/Courtesy

Find out the newest kind of influencing and how fun it can be for anyone

Ah, sleep. Everyone loves it. What if I told you that you could sleep and nap for a job and get paid to do it? Sounds too good to be true, right? 

Asian Andy, a Twitch streamer, made $16,000 in one night by filming himself in bed trying to fall asleep and made money from his audience who donated and paid him money to annoy him and keep him up with noises such as alarm clock sounds and barking dogs.

This is a new trend called “sleep influencing.” I have never heard of this term up until recently. As a professional sleeper/napper myself, I had thought for a long time “Gee I wish I could make this a full-time paying job. There’s got to be some way.” Alas, I didn’t go through with the potential idea I had brewing in my mind because it kind of sounded silly. 

Turns out, sleep influencing has become increasingly popular. I got in touch with Alexander Shannon, who claims he’s the first-ever Instagram sleep influencer. He started out just posting pictures of himself napping in random places as well as napping in hotels that he has traveled to.

Over the years, he’s been more and more recognized and is now a paid promoter for many products and even gets paid to travel to lavish locations and to stay in the most high-end hotels. It honestly sounds like a dream come true, right?

“I had a lot of sleep issues growing up and when I was able to resolve them, I became really passionate about quality sleep as part of overall wellness,” he said. “I’ve also worked on social media for a lot of my career, so I decided to combine the two. And yes I do which I crazy to think about.”

There’s so many places internationally that Shannon has been to, but he shared what his most favorite and memorable experiences were.

“I think that the most fun was probably staying at Al Maha resort in the middle of the desert in Dubai. It was amazing to see all of the wildlife directly on your front porch every morning. I really loved sleeping in the Eiffel Suite at Le Metropolitan in Paris and being able to see the Eiffel Tower when I fell asleep and woke up.” Shannon said.

Shannon profits a lot from sleep influencing. The way he makes an income is different than the general residual workers cash flow.

“Brands and properties pay me to visit and/or promote them. I also make money through affiliate marketing and capturing content for companies to post themselves. I think it’s a great idea but I don’t know if I’d ever do it!” Shannon said.

Shannon expressed how surprised he was that he is in the position he is today with being a successful sleep influencer. He said he didn’t expect it at all.

“Honestly, no it didn’t but the experience has really proven to me that you can be successful doing anything at all if you work at it!” Shannon said.

Well looks like this is definitely something up my alley regarding my love of napping and something to look into now!

Local Twitch streamers were asked if they knew anything about sleep influencing and specifically what streamer Asian Andy has been up to recently. These streamers are Camree Lynn, Justin Vasquez, Anthony Zaragoza and Eren Wolf.

Zaragosa aka @madslashera shared how long he has been active on Twitch and how many subscribers he currently has.

“I started Twitch in the summer of 2016. I wanted to see what it was like to livestream actual gameplay in real time. I’m currently standing at 1,100 followers. The amount of followers someone has also depends on what you stream game-wise! If it’s more popular more than likely you’ll have a lot of people streaming on that game,” Zaragoza said.

Zaragosa shared what his goal is on Twitch and what games he plays.

“My focus on Twitch would be just to entertain the audience with gameplays and what not. If the audience feels on edge with a story-driven game like I am, it’s a fun time,” Zaragoza said.

Zaragosa was asked if he had heard of Asian Andy, his content and if he was familiar with the term “sleep influencer.”

“I have heard of Asian Andy, just never seen his content. I have not heard of the term sleep influencer. Definitely something I would have to look into!” Zaragosa said.

Vasquez aka @scardiecat_vasquez shared how long he’s been on Twitch, his number of subscribers and his focus on the streaming platform.

“I’ve been on Twitch for about two months now. I have a small audience but it’s like that because it’s mostly friends on and it helps me stay on what my focus is, which is to have fun, laugh and experience some dope horror games,” Vasquez said.

Eren Wolf aka @knightemaretv then shared his Twitch and gaming experience.

“I started streaming on Twitch in like 2016/2017. I don’t have a big audience, it roughly ranges between five and eleven viewers. Yes, I’ve heard of Asian Andy, just not a fan,” Wolf said.

Next Lynn aka @thefancycheddar shared her experience on Twitch.

“I started Twitch officially like, in 2016. I officially started to turn this into something good and consistent about a month and a half ago,” Lynn said.

Both Vasquez and Lynn both said that neither of them had heard of Asian Andy or what sleep influencing is.

Sleep influencing and sleep streaming is definitely still in the works of becoming trendy and popular. I also definitely expect it to make a huge debut and for many people to get behind the idea. Myself included, the idea sounds very enticing and worth a try!