Try fall-flavored boba near Saddleback College for an in-between-class snack


Boba Addict pumpkin pie drink Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

Bubble tea has been a popular item since the 90s and has come back up, becoming an “aesthetic drink.” Boba tea is made from tapioca starch, small spheres tasting of brown sugar or honey these are added to the bottom of any kind of tea. Fall time is among us and pumpkin-flavored drinks are back in stock in plenty of shops.

Saddleback students are in luck when it comes to having boba shops surrounding the campus and it is an easy in-between snack. 

Pumpkin spice milkshake with boba from Pengo Drink Station Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

Pengo Drink Station located on Avery Pkwy in Mission Viejo was opened this year; they have drinks for anyone’s palette. When it comes to milkshakes, milk teas and smoothies, they have it all. 

A pumpkin spice milkshake was dropped for all the pumpkin lovers. The cost of a regular-size cup is $7.41, including the boba. A hint of sugar cookie flavor with pumpkin pie, these 2 flavors are the best of both worlds. Drinking this milkshake allows for a flashback to sugar cookies at birthday parties as a child. At the same time, the cinnamon and pumpkin flavors bring back Thanksgiving dessert memories shared with the family at the dinner table after dinner. 

The honey boba at the bottom adds a surprise, the bursts of honey adds that extra sweetness. If honey is not a favorite, there are options for add-ons that may make your drink even better. Those are rainbow jellies, chia seeds, aloe vera and coffee jelly. This boba drink is a 10/10 and a great recommendation for anyone looking for a fall-flavored pick-me-up.

Pumpkin pie boba drink from Boba Addict Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

The second shop, Boba Addict, is located right across the street from Saddleback College on Marguerite Pkwy in Mission Viejo. 

Offering a pumpkin pie-flavored boba with a milkshake consistency, if pumpkin pie is your favorite, this drink is the one to get. The flavors of pie were a shock because of how accurate it was. The price was $7.14 and did not disappoint, this drink did not last long in the cup after receiving it. Boba always adds sweetness and the pumpkin pie tasted like it was drizzled with honey and a hint of cinnamon.

Spiced chai latte with boba from Harmony Tea Bar Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

Harmony Tea Bar, located in the Mission Viejo Village Center, offers a small fall-flavored list but has a spiced chai tea that brings back fall memories. The cost of the small drink including boba was $5.50. This drink was a bit watery and the taste of cinnamon was so overwhelming that it felt like doing the cinnamon challenge. The boba didn’t have much flavor, so this would not be a recommended drink. By the time the drink was called out, the ice had already melted.