Travel and Tourism program offering multiple classes for fall semester

Instructors Charles Weghorst and Jeanne Robinson preparing students for future professions

Saddleback College instructors Charles Weghorst and Jeanne Robinson will offer five travel and tourism classes during the fall semester. These classes include Introduction to the Exciting World of Travel and Tourism, European Destinations, Selling Dreams – The Travel Industry, Airline Computer Training and Advanced Airline Computer Training. The courses count towards a Travel and Tourism Certificate of Achievement or an Associate in Science of Travel and Tourism degree.

Students within the program will learn how to compile a cruise itinerary based on industry standards, using a predetermined checklist while considering factors like price, value, and each individual’s preference. Furthermore, individuals will have the ability to build a Passenger Name Record or a passenger’s reservation information and identify several geographic locations.


“We’ve been offering the “Travel & Tourism” program for longer than either Jeanne Robinson or I can remember,” said Charles Weghorst, one of the main instructors for the travel and tourism program. “I have been teaching Travel classes for 26 years and Jeanne for 34, and we weren’t the first.”

The travel and tourism program’s student learning outcomes allow individuals preparation to enter into travel and tourism job occupations. Employment opportunities include travel counseling, meeting planning, In-house travel consulting, reservation sales agencies and ticket agencies.

“Each class is offered only once a year. If a student wants to complete the program as quickly as possible, it can be done in just one year or 2 consecutive semesters,” Weghorst said.

The United States Department of Labor occupational employment statistics estimates that the mean annual wage for travel agents averages around $40,840. Furthermore, survey statistics calculate a 2.2 percent rise in travel agent occupations and a 1 percent wage raise as well.

“Although a “Certificate of Achievement” does not guarantee students a job in the travel industry, it does give them an “edge” over an inexperienced or uneducated competitor. We have a very high success rate of placing students in Travel Agency, Airline, Hotel, etc. jobs,” Weghorst said.

Classes for the program will begin on August 20. The fall 2018 class schedule shows the Introduction to Travel and Tourism scheduled for Mondays, European Destinations on Tuesdays, Selling Dreams on Wednesdays, and Airline Computer Training on Thursdays as well. Saddleback’s spring semester will offer classes including Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Touring and Cruising, Western Hemisphere Destinations, and Advanced Airline Computer Training.