Top 5 Places to Eat Around Campus

(Christian Razukas/Wikimedia Commons)

With the semester just getting started, there are new faces all over campus. While the “veterans” on campus know the do’s and dont’s of the food on and off campus many of the newcomers are not aware.

The Lariat asked 20 students their top-visited quick-service restaurants for either a snack or a meal off-campus. Below are the top 5 visited food places off property suggested by college students.

1. Albertacos Mexican Food

Albertacos is located directly outside the College Drive West exit to Marguerite. This quick-service restaurant sells burritos and combination plates. Michael N., a College Student, states, “Probably the best veggie burrito I’ve ever had. My girlfriend always says the beef one is the best she’s had too”. The best part about Albertacos Mexican food is that every combination plate receives 20% off if you show your student id. 

2. In-n-Out

In-n-Out is located at the end of the Avery Exit. In n Out is known worldwide for their hamburgers and fries. Many students suggested ordering off the secret menu. Persilla N. Suggested, “Double double animal style is what I go for when I am really indulging, otherwise cheeseburger animal style does the job.  Ask for an extra sauce packet and slather it on those fries with pickles and peppers!”

3. Stacks Pancake House

Stacks is located down Marguerite right before the Crown Valley intersection. This breakfast cafe sells pancakes, waffles, and even French toast with captain crunch! If you’re not feeling like breakfast items they also have a lunch menu. This consists of Hawaiian style items such as teriyaki chicken or kalua pig with fried rice. Jenn W., a student at Irvine Valley College, states, “The line is always very long, but the tables turn fast. There’s a large variety on the menu and I always wanna try everything”.

4. New York Deli

This family-owned deli is located directly across the street from the Audi dealership on Marguerite. New York Deli sells Boars Head meat and cheeses and makes the best sandwiches in town. You can either order off of their menu or make a custom sandwich. They also sell sides such as coleslaw, Mac n cheese, or soup. Orrin B. states, “They’re known for the Rachel, which is largely a secret recipe. I believe it’s roast beef, coleslaw, and their secret sauce. If it’s you’re first time here, get the Rachel!”

5. The Empanada Maker

The Empanada Maker is a quick-service restaurant that is located directly outside the College Drive West exit and features fresh empanadas. These are best described as mini calzones with a Spanish twist. Heather R. states, “It fits perfectly in my hand. It was hot. It was toasty… I would assume most people pop these babies like nobody’s business.”


The location of The Empanada Maker is incorrect. The location is located directly off the 5 freeway at La Paz Road. Across the street from Mission Viejo High School. This restaurant chain now has a food truck as well that can be found most nights in Downtown Disney in Anaheim as well. The food truck provides the exact same empanadas as the store but easier to just walk up and purchase from the truck.