Top 5 best places to resell your textbooks for the best return

Here are some of the best spots to sell your unwanted used books.

With the spring semester at Saddleback College coming to an end, many of us find ourselves with books we’ve bought and a need for money to buy the next round this fall. Many students find themselves hoarding textbooks because it seems almost impossible to find a good return on all the money spent. Here is a list of the top 5 best places to resell your textbooks.

BookScouter: Book scouter is a website that allows students to sell their textbooks and also buy for the next round of classes. You can search your book by ISBN number and discover the best offer on the platform. The website will also pull up other offers from different vendors to give you a real idea of what that book is selling for everywhere else.


Amazon: The website we know and love as Amazon originally started out as an online bookseller which makes it a trustworthy vendor to go to sell your books. Amazon currently has some of the lowest prices on the market and not only allows you to sell your used books but also rent and buy through the website very easily. Simply search the title of your book in the trade in area and discover the best offers from Amazon.


Cash4Books: In 3 simple steps you can discover the value of your textbooks and get paid. Just type in the ISBN number of your books, ship your books for free, and get paid through PayPal. This is a great service for busy students that allows students to get rid of their books and get a return fast.


TextBook Rush: This website allows students to buy, sell, and rent textbooks you can also purchase ebooks, and sell and buy games and movies. If you’re in a tight financial spot and want to sell more than just your textbooks you can look into that option here if you have any unwanted video games. You can find your textbooks at highly discounted prices and avoid the college bookstore lines and prices.


Decluttr: This website gives people many options in selling used items, you can not only sell your used textbooks but also sell games, cellphones, and even legos. Yes, that’s right folks if you have any old legos laying around that you just can’t seem to get rid this might be the website for you. Just put your legos in a bag and weigh them for an appraisal. You can accumulate a total for all your unwanted items and make some cash for the next round of textbooks.