“This sucks” says Saddleback College President Elliot Stern during student forum about Coronavirus

(President Stern response to a forum on saddleback.edu/courtesy: saddleback.edu)

As we continue to adapt to recent changes pertaining to COVID-19, President Stern offers deeply needed words of encouragement and solidarity for students and staff.

On April 3, Saddleback College President Elliot Stern held the first Zoom-based student forum for Saddleback. The goal of which was to both inform and provide an update for staff and student alike following SCC’s move to online distanced learning for the remainder of the semester.

“Like many of you working remotely, I have been reflecting on our new normal—life in isolation, work in isolation, no bridge or boundary between work and non-work, the yearning we feel for community. Now add to that the radical changes in our work to which we are trying to adapt without disappointing those we serve, primarily students. And finally, juxtapose against both of those stressors the rational fear and broader anxiety we are feeling about this crisis and the news flashing across us, the number of dead and diseased, the uncertainty of it all and the shifting responses, still shifting in some parts of the country. We have every right to feel shaken and to engage in a minute or two of self-pity,” said Stern during the student forum. “This sucks.”
As many of us continue to adjust to the new normal following the wake of the ongoing coronavirus crisis; both student and faculty collectively, were asked to consider many of the new issues that continue to affect the livelihood and wellbeing of SCC’s population. As unemployment continues to rise and an overbearing wave of uncertainty persists, Stern offered his sympathy and suggested that those who have the means could make a donation to the Saddleback Foundation Emergency Fund.