The trips behind new learning opportunities

The fun behind Studying Abroad

Studying abroad, according to Alex Irving, a Saddleback student who studied abroad in England, is something students generally do after their first year of college.

Many programs are centered around specific subjects coinciding with the area. For example, Irving went to England because the program at Oxford focuses on english.

The Oxford study abroad program for the 2019 school year begins Monday, March 18. Students, including Cora Murphy begin leaving as early as Thursday March 14.

“The second I read about this, I made up my mind to be a part of it,” Murphy said.

Professor Suki Fisher, ran the program this year. Informational meetings began last July, and if you are interested next years informational meetings will begin this July as well.

“My favorite part is seeing how much the program impacts the students,” Fisher said. “They change so much in such a short period of time. It’s a huge growth opportunity. A student once told me that he had learned more about himself in our 9-week trip than he did in his four years of high school. This program has a lasting impact on how students perceive themselves and their place in the world.”

Fisher notes that the amount of students that go are usually between the high teens and the mid twenties. Small enough to get to know one another, but still enough to make a “class” out of.

Irving speaks highly of her experience studying abroad. As does Fisher who claims that a big reason she got involved with the program was because of her past experiences in study abroad programs.

“I thought it was a very good experience in itself,” Irving said. “Having to stay with a homestay and experience the culture. I also would stay with the family and have dinners with them. I noticed what we ate differently and even things we said differently.”

Irving also noted that she enjoyed the classes and that they were not hard to stay on top of because Oxford was a very studious area and she enjoyed what she was learning.

She also notes the relationships she made. She did not anyone before signing up, but because the classes are so small, she made friendships for lifetime. That is an aspect of the trip that led Murphy to sign up as well.

“In high school I studied abroad in Spain, so when I came across this opportunity I was super excited,” Murphy said.

Fisher advised to do your research, and make sure that studying abroad and that the Oxford program is the right fit for you.

“Being homesick can be apart of the emotions with studying abroad, but when you get home and look back the culture and the classes are things you will not regret,” said Irving.

Students, keep your eyes out and your mind open when looking for the perfect opportunity in studying abroad, and if you have questions reach out to the Professor involved and attend the information meetings.