The resurgence of vinyl records

Records hanging in the window at the Moldy Toes Record Store in San Clemente. Alfred Gomez | OC Now

Over the past two years vinyl record sales have been increasing. A strange resurgence has been building up over 2020 and half of 2021, with more people getting into the world of vinyl. In an industry dominated by digital media, it is refreshing to see people getting into the culture of record store shopping and vinyl collecting. 

The Saddleback OC News Team went to interview some record store owners, Biff Cooper, Tom Rule and collector Joey Campbell to find out more about the craze.

Many old collectors are now entering shops and receiving a blast from the past once they enter the shop. People that once collected so many records only to throw them away, now are getting hit with the realization that something that they loved as a teen or adult is now coming back into the world of music. And it is coming back big.