The importance of being earnest (with a theater major)

We interviewed theater major Jennifer Hardy about what life is truly like being involved in the arts

It’s a cloudy day as I meet up with Jennifer, who’s dawning a colorful chevron sweater and a bright smile. This dreary weather could not dampen her effervescent spirit, one quite characteristic of a theater major. But Jennifer is an extraordinary dedicated and experienced student, residing in her own realm of talent. 

Her most recent role here at Saddleback was The Witch, in the production of Into the Woods. Jennifer is currently preparing for her next show, Peter and the Starcatcher. And running the Instagram account.

Not only does Jennifer participate in Saddleback’s performing arts department; she’s performed for Orange Coast College, Shinbone Theatre Company, and even recently organized her own production with her friends (as well as acted in it).

Today, I spoke with Jennifer to learn more about her enthusiasm for the arts, and how Saddleback’s arts department has enriched her life.

How long have you been involved in performing arts in general?

I would have to approximate, around when I was like ten. In elementary school, I was in choir, but I started doing theater when I was 10 years old. I’ve been just, gradually doing it ever since.

And what drew you to Saddleback’s programs?

At my high school, Capo Valley High School, the drama class would get free tickets to see Saddleback’s shows. All of the shows produced here at Saddleback are just, so good. I thought the tech was amazing and the actors were really good, and the stage is beautiful. And I thought, “Well obviously, this seems like a great place to go and do theater!”

Is theater the only arts program you’re involved in?

No, I’m also involved in choir. Love the choir class. Scott (the choir director) is amazing. I like theater, where you get a chance to showcase individual talent, but choir gives everybody a chance to come together and create an ensemble, to showcase something together.

Do you have a favorite production you’ve been apart of here?

Well, I’ve done Music Man, Assassins, Noises Off, Into the Woods, and now Peter and the Starcatcher… In a way, all of them are my favorite. I take something new away from every show I’m part of, and they each have a special place in my heart. But for the sake of choosing, Into the Woods was my favorite. That show was like a dream. 

What do you advise to other students that are looking to join Saddleback’s arts department?

If you’re interested, go see a show or two. If you like what you see, maybe talk to some people who were in the show. Or, follow the programs’ Instagram accounts. Just try to get involved in any way possible! 

Final thoughts?

All of the arts programs are worth joining. Everyone involved is so passionate about what they’re doing. You will not meet better people than in the arts program at Saddleback. Even if it’s just for fun, or something you want to pursue professionally, this is a great outlet for anyone.