The Broken Yolk: a new delicious eatery close by


Mission Viejo’s The Broken Yolk best seller, the sweet and savory Tiki Toast (Photo by Makaila Ho)


Another hungry customer searching through the endless options, deciding on her perfect meal. (Photo by Makaila Ho)

Located less than half a mile away from Saddleback College, The Broken Yolk offers a hip new twist to breakfast and lunch meals. San Diego’s loved restaurant has made its way up to Mission Viejo and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Walking into the open sun-lit room and being greeted by cheerful staff, there’s a type of lively aura that just wakes the soul, almost like a good cup of morning coffee (which they offer.) The music was that of which would play on a popular radio station, loud enough to hear it, quiet enough not to disrupt a conversation. Upon being seated in a booth, a laminated egg-shaped menu is placed on the modern dark-wooden table while the waitress welcomes you with a smile. Soon after, the owner, who personally offered help and recommendations on what to order, greeted us at our table.

“We’re very excited about bringing the branch to Orange County. Our goal is to offer fresh ingredients and good customer service” said Jose Abadi, owner.

We began with their most popular item sold at this location: The Tiki Toast. Sweet Hawaiian bread, fresh strawberries and blueberries, caramel drizzle, and shredded coconut. I know what you’re thinking, “too sweet for breakfast,” I thought so too… Until, I took a bite.

I found myself dunking my forkful of toast in the savory caramel that decorated the sides of beautifully garnished plate. The chewy flakes of coconut balanced out the sweet caramel flavors just perfectly. The best part: FRESH fruit. Their produce comes in as often as five times a week and it’s noticeable. If you’re a fan of coconut and have a slight sweet tooth, this plate is made for you.


The California Breakfast burrito in all its glory. (Photo by Makaila)

If you prefer spicy to sweet, the California Breakfast Burrito is the best for you. Us Californians know our breakfast burritos. This particular one contains eggs, bacon (full pieces, not crusty little bits), cheddar cheese, home fries (not greasy French fries), and fresh avocado (at no extra charge). Neighboring the burrito on the plate are sides of Mexican rice and refried beans.

The owner recommended adding Hot Licks Serrano, a San Diego hot sauce so popular with their dishes the restaurant sells bottles in their establishments. I would pass on this recommendation to everyone else. The sauce is not too hot it burns the throat, but more just adds a kick of savory flavor. The best part of the burrito was that it wasn’t dripping with cream or that who-knows-what watery substance that soils most other California Burritos. I didn’t regret eating it afterwards. It was fresh and satisfying.

“I think the atmosphere is very upbeat and the employees were friendly. I love the variety of the menu and the names of the items were fun and creative” Aubrie Olaes, 22, said.

For a breakfast or lunch you’re guaranteed to enjoy, The Broken Yolk is establishing a name for itself after just one week of opening its doors in Mission Viejo.